WHO AM I ????


My name is Candyce and I have Been a Paparazzi Independent Consultant since 26 April 2017.  I started this business knowing that I could not sell ANYTHING, I did not like to talk and I was not a people person.  A friend told me I would be great at it so I made a bet with a friend that I would fail.  I started working the business and it proved me wrong.  Not only am I successful selling my Jewelry, I have also built my confidence, I have a new group of sisters, I am able to show others how to change their lives by starting their own business.  

I am also a mother.  I gave birth to two beautiful children but many kids call me mom.  This business has afforded me the opportunity to give my kids a better life.  I get to show them that if you work hard and but your mind to it you can do anything you dream.